Sprinter VIP Bus

    Sprinter VIP Bus

    Mercedes Sprinter VIP Bus 17-21 seat Midibus with 5t weight Business Class for rent with Chauffeur


    Sprinter VIP Bus. The small touring bus with the comfort of a big touring bus!
    The midibuses with 16 seats or 21 seats – are available with Chauffeur, depending on the Tour which is a rental location. These buses are beautifully furnished, and comfortable and carry a great atmosphere. These aren’t big buses, but rather small touring buses!

    Fair Taxi GmbH- limousine service for sightseeing tours in Switzerland – especially for your personal interests

    Sightseeing in and around cities in Swiss. There are so many sights that you can discover using the city of Bern as your base. Trust us to put together a fabulous itinerary for you. Our experienced chauffeurs know the area like the back of their hands and can suggest any number of great ideas. But you are the one who calls the shots. We want the tour to reflect your interests exactly.


    Over the last few years, Gstaad’s center has become one of the most popular—and shortest—shopping streets in Switzerland. With its top hotels, its gourmet restaurants, the luxury chalets and the nearby Saanen airport, the vehicle-free holiday town of Gstaad has become a favored destination for international celebrities.